CompTIA voucher discounts?

Hi. I’m looking to book my A+ test very soon and wondering if anyone has any tips for getting a discount on CompTIA exam vouchers.

I’ve checked on Voucher Discounts | CompTIA and I see they have offer a 20% discount if you’re a member of the ‘store club’ but the link to the store club is broken for me. (Is it dead or is it just me?)

I also see they have a 10% discount if you’re signed up for a newsletter.

So is this the best deal I can expect? Are vouchers tied to your identity, or could I buy a voucher from someone else that has one and decided not to use it?

Are there referral links from youtube channels or something that offer one?

I don’t mind just paying the full thing but I figure if I can save $100+ it’s worth asking about.
I’ve searched around but that voucher discount section on the comptia site is the only thing I’ve come across.


There’s a lot in the A+ certification you’re never going to use in the field, it’s only good if you’re going for entry level IT positions. Highly recommend moving onto something more advanced when and where you expect your career path to go.


It really depends on what you’re aiming for. I got the basic IT+ one because it has the functional aspects that I can do. With the A+ hardware side (if you are well versed can prepare you) as another forum postee @DavieDavieDavie mentions its good for getting a foot in the door. But, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t pass the first time. It is a tough test to get down. Speaking from my own experience, your mileage might prove better than mine. Good luck.

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I appreciate the advice, and I am applying and can hopefully get my foot in the door without it, but in the mean time I’m studying for it and plan to book it soon. LIke within the next month.
The hardware stuff I mostly already know as an enthusiast/overclocker. I’m also very familiar with Windows and Linux. Not too worried about failing honestly once I get through the material, and I’m going through it pretty quick. I have macOS set up in a docker container so I can play around with it when I get to that part, and am going to see if I can do the same for iOS…or just I’ll just buy a used tablet or iphone. Already have an Android phone so I’m good there too.

I commend you for the dedication, after awhile though this stuff adds up. Technology (to me) is an expensive hobby. The certifications alone are a way to compound on that. Some are better connected than me with this stuff. Cheers!

If it launches me into a career that I enjoy and actually have room to move up based on skill, it’s totally worth the ~$500 CAD for the A+. Again, though, if I can save on that I’d like to.
So, still open to tips on finding a discount.

Good for you and best of luck!

As you’re just starting out, apply for all the entry IT help desk/field engineer positions that interests you. It’s where I started over 20 years ago, probably the best thing I did to get my foot in the door. Down the road I’ve been able to work for juggernauts like IBM and Boeing, and recently I moved into the video game industry at almost 40 years of age.

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well I personally would not get a CompTIA certification on principle due to them lobbying against right to repair. I also would not bother to get the certification as long as I could explain my skills in another way (but I also have zero experience applying for a job though so take what I say with a hefty gain of salt)

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There are very few jobs in my area and I’m going to need all the help I can get to have my application considered. That is good to know about them lobbying against right to repair. All the more reason to give them the least amount of money possible, and I will look into that and keep that in mind before I start thinking about future certs.

But I’ve already made up my mind I’m going to get this cert. I appreciate the support and sort of meta-advice here though.

If anyone knows how the vouchers work though before I pay for them, like if they are tied to your identity or are they more like a steam game code or windows licence key (again I’ve searched and can’t seem to find any info), any insight would be much appreciated.

EDIT: Oh looks like I figured out why the store club link is broken. It redirects me if I use a Canadian IP, but works with a USA IP. Weird, because it says it’s available to both US and CA.
Anyhow, you have to pay what would be 10% of the core 1 + core 2 anyway for that membership, so best I’m looking at right now is 10% off. Anyone that can do me better than that please hit me up.

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Students get a good discount if you have access to a .edu