Completely start over with HDD?

My OS and everything else is fucked up. I just want to start over completely. I obviously don't want to use windows restore because it will keep the restore files, and I've got some pretty bad malware, so that's not a good idead...  So how do I completely start over?

Magnets. That is the "hard reset" for HDDs. If you want asofter reset, then get a disk (blank), burn a Linux distro (Fedora, Mint, and Ubuntu are all really easy to install), and use the-built in format functions and erase the HDD. The Windows disk does this, too.

You could run Deriks Boot and Nuke to wipe the drive clean

and then boot up and install whatever operating system you want (Ubuntu is really nice), just be sure your computer boots up from the OS disk fine before you wipe everything.