Complete Noob in need of overclocking tips

Ok, this is a subject I feel embaressed about. I have NEVER overclocked. Have no idea how to get into things and what I should be interested in when I get in bios. I am not a complete noob when it comes to building pcs, being aware of whats good bad etc, but when it comes down to bios settings.. well I am hopeless.

What I am looking here is like a good read on overclocking in general, like what I need 2 read to be able to overclock the shit out of my 3570k(dont mean to the point beyond no return, eg nitrogen:p)

My main concern is not my cooling solution or the hardware, its the bios. I currently own an Asrock extreme4. Problem is since I have no idea about OC I do not know if this mobo is good for it(spec wise at the time was perfect to my eyes). Has anyone got a good guide, or can someone help me get started point me in the correct direction. 

Other things that are worth noteing is that I have an h100 so should be able to go up to 4.5 without frying the processor:P Anw would be happy to figure out how to get it to 4ghz being stable as long as I LEARN what I did and how to do it on other computers as well in the future.

If you guys want to help in this topic I am more than happy to take feedback 

I would start by raising the multiplier. (It will look like x15 or any other number) Bump it up one or two values, then restart and run Prime95 for a while, if its stable, continue, if not bump up the voltage and try again. 

Youll be safe upping the voltage until your temps get too high. If you reach your TJ max, then you need to lower the voltage. 

You can change the actual frequency of things, but I find the multiplier to be easier, as you dont have to mess with RAM timings or downclock any other part of your board to be operable.


After youve had experiance, its the next step.



You see my problem is I have no idea what you mean :P I am not saying your response is useless BUT I am saying that try 2 imagine the VERY first time you decided to overclock HOW did you know what to fiddle with:P (You obviously had read about how 2 do it or had someone show you:P) 

Thank you for your interest

Im running a Gigabyte 970A-UD3 motherboard and a AMD FX-4170 Black Edition. i, too, would like to overclock it. i have turned up the the processor to almost 4.7ghz (by changing the from 200 to 220) and the multiplier is still at 21. Im running 16gb (4x4gb) of corsair vengeance blue) and it is running at 1760mhz with multiplier at 8. i havent changed any voltages yet because i am not sure how high to go. i would like to get the memory to 1800mhz at least, and maybe 4.8ghz if possible. my processor cooler is a coolmaster hyper 212. any suggestions?

oops, the bus speed is 220, up from 200. it didnt type that for some reason lol. might be my poor typing skill. :(

Thanks for the advice. Seems like the easiest way kinda like overclocking using training wheels. Does that apply to all motherboards/CPU's?