Compiling Mellanox driver for unsupported Linux Distro

I recently got a dual port Mellanox ConnectX-3 pro nic from Ebay and have been messing around with sr-iov with KVM. In windows VM’s I’m getting error 43 on the virtual function. The virtual function works perfectly fine in a linux VM its just windows. From another post on the level1 forum someone discovered its an issue with the Mellanox driver in the Linux kernel. Anyone know where I can 1 find the source for Mellanox’s driver and 2 compile it for unraid since thats the OS I run on my main server since I like being able to expand the storage 1 drive at a time while maintaining redundancy. Any help is appreciated since my experience with compiling things for linux is limited to creating custom OpenWRT images.

Start by trying the mlnx_ofed drivers page, I don’t know which distro unraid is based on, but start there

as far as I remember there is a compile script provided
from a peak at the documentation something along the lines of

./mlnxofedinstall --skip-distro-check --add-kernel-support --kmp --force`

look here