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Compatible Quad NIC for Dell Optiplex 7020 SFF

Hi guys,

As posted in the title, I am looking for a compatible Quad NIC for Dell Optiplex 7020 Small Form Factor PC. It would greatly help if a model number is mentioned since most of the topics that I have came across just says “Intel Pro 1000VT” or “I350VT” but is used on a different platform (hardware and/or OS).

Side Note: Wendel briefly touched on this on his “Build a Router 2016 Q4 – pfSense Build” wherein he used a dual NIC Intel + and a Broadcom Quad NIC but the model number was not mentioned.

In terms of the why: I am planning to install Proxmox on the PC and let the guest VMs use the ports available on the quad NIC since those guest VMs will not be connected on the same network as the host.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I use Dell branded Intel I350-T4 in my proxmox setup and it works wonders. It supports SR-IOV and other fun stuff.

The PCB is fairly small so it should fit. I believe you can get a half-height bracket for them.

There are many different manufacturers using the chip, Dell being fairly easy to find in europe.

Do beware of cheap clones though, google “clone i350 intel” to learn how to spot them. If they are Dell branded they are most likely genuine.

Thanks for the heads up on the I350 clones. The search eventually led me to the STH site where model numbers were mentioned as well as a comparison on genuine I350T4 (hxxps://

By some chance, is your I350-T4 the V2 one?

Mine is a V1 I believe, a Dell THGMP (Quad i350). Got it for €80-90 shipped I think.