Compatible Parts?

Hello eryone,

I just want to check that my parts will be compatible. Im going to be using the computer for gaming, namely games like Skyrim

My maximum budget for the build is around £950 (around $1100) and i can possibly only go £10 over that budget

Part List:

thank you in advance :)

All the parts are compatible, but if i may make a suggestion, i would lose the enermax CPU cooler, and switch with the Cooler master Hyper 212 Evo. it is a really good cooler, give you good overclock temps, and save you just a few $.

also you should consider getting an SSD, decrease boot times, game load times, and also a better system response and performance,

The Case is sweet, but it doesn't appear to have room behind the motherboard tray to be able to route cables to make the build cleaner from the inside and could choke some of your airflow.

Overall very solid and impressive build

Thanks for the response, I have made the changes to my cpu cooler however at the moment I just don't have the money to get a SSD however once I earn more money it is an invesment I will make. Thank you again.

I created a build for you that should suit your needs better. Since gaming performance depends mostly on the GPU, I added a GTX 770, with 4gb of vRAM, which is important if you plan on playing a heavily modded Skyrim. I also added a high end motherboard and CPU cooler, so if you ever get into any of the few really CPU intensive games out there like Planetside 2 and want more power, you can upgrade to an 8350 and OC it to near 5ghz.

Thanks for the build however I have to account that I both need an operating system and a monitor which would go well over my budget and I have heard really good reviews about the 760 and i'm waiting for the 4GB gigabyte version to be more widely available but again thank you for the extra options