Compatibility: PSU & Video Card

In my imaginary build, with my imaginary wallet, I have been looking at PSUs and Video cards, to see if the PSU can support the video card's power requirements.

Specifically, does this PSU (EVGA 650W Gold):

support this video card? (GTX 770 DC2OC-2GD5):

According to the ASUS website (, the card requires "up to 300W additional 6+8 pin PCIe power". 

The output of the PSU is: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],[email protected], [email protected]

From the picture of the back of the PSU, besides the MOBO and CPU connectors, I see four 8-pin connectors labeled VGA, two 6-pin connectors labelled PATA, and three 6 pin connectors labelled SATA.


1) Are these two compatible?

2) What is the meaning of the output of the PSU? Mainly are the outputs I've listed, supposed to correspond with the connectors? I can't understand how, since there are 8 outputs and 12 connectors.

3) What are each of the 3 types of connectors (VGA, PATA, SATA (I'm guessing for HDDs?) for?

4) Since there are only 3 SATA connectors, does that mean that I can have a max of 3 hard drives with this PSU?

Thanks guys

1.  Yes.  Newegg says:

4 x 6+2pin PCI-E.  Which means it can support cards two cards with 2 8 pin plugs(not considering wattage usage, mind you)

2. The number of outputs means the amount of "rails" the power supply can handle.  I'm not the best with PSUs, hopefully someone can fill you in.  Each rail has a different wattage output, and some rails on some outputs need to be strong enough to handle some components here and there.

3. Connectors:

1 x 24pin ATX - Main Power to the Motherboard.

2 x 4+4pin EPS12V - CPU Supplementary Power

4 x 6+2pin PCI-E - Power to your GPUs

1 x 6pin PCI-E - Another connector for your GPUs or whatever uses the PCI-E slot.

9 x SATA - HDDs/SSDs

6 x Molex - Your old 4 pin connectors that arent used for anything specifically.  They can be used for fan controllers, converted to PCI-E power with an adapter, or whatever

1 x Molex to FDD - If you ever need a floppy drive connector :P.

4.  There are 9 SATA connectors.  You can fit 9 hard drives easily.