Compatibility check

This is what I'm about to buy and I just wanted a "compatibility check" before I go crazy and order the stuff, also I'm only getting one of the two graphics cards to start, will that be ok e.g. can I instal one now and the other down the road?


All looks in order. Good choice in sound card btw, you wont be disappointed. The 212 will struggle to keep a heavily oc'd ivy cpu cool though if you head that way. For a moderate oc it should be all good though.

Best of luck.

... since its old z77 stuff i assume you are getting a really good deal on it yeah?

Don't know if it's much of a deal, but it's a bit cheaper. do you think I should go for the Z87 instead? would it work with the rest of the build?

Well i would personaly go for a i7-4770K instead for the i7-3770K the 3770K is offcourse a great cpu, but i would personaly not invest anymore in an EOL platform socket 1155.

So i would personaly go with hasswell instead. i7-4770K with Asus maximus VI Hero or Msi Mpower (max.)

Look better?

i did a few changes. i choosed for a kingston hyperX 3K SSD, because its on a realy good sale, i also choosed for a better cpu cooler. Further i choosed for a cheaper but als o great XFX 850W pro Gold series psu. and i also changed the gpu´s those sapphire cards you choosed are reference cards and will probably run realy hot. i changed them and add a custom part 2x MSI-R9-280X TF´s this card is not in stock right now but will be soon, thease cards are also better because they are basicly a 7970GHZ ed. And i also changed the ram. to G-skil sniper 1866mhz cl9.

i trow out the xonar soundcard, because the Asus maximus vi hero allready contains a high quality supreme FX sound chip onboard. but thats offcours something to decide your self.