Compatibility: APU build

Hey there,

For quite some time we've been needing a new family desktop. It's now finally time to bite the bullet and get a new computer. I do live in Australia so the pricing may be a bit more expensive than in, say, America. So here's my proposed build:

I'm fairly certain an APU build is the way I should go, since I recall hearing that AMD would continue the FM2 socket for at least a while. It's mostly going to be for emails and so-forth, although I might play something like killing floor or tf2 on it from time to time.

Also, yes I want an optical drive. Mum and Dad want to use the computer independently and they do actually use it. The SSD is simply because it would speed up the boot time and a few programs. Noctua fans because we want it to be silent and remain very cool since we may end up putting a discrete card in later. Perhaps overkill, but our current computer is essentially a legacy hurricane.

So yeah, are the parts compatible?

Thanks in advance,


i don't see any problems, though at that price i would look at some pre built stuff, not saying you'll find better but for 700 and an a10 atleast look around

quick build via pccg (im from oz as well (perth) so i shop from these guys all the time)

2133 ram as the trinity apus love fast ram. just load the xmp in the bios.

wrist strap... dont need these anymore pal. after dozens upon dozens of rigs over the last 18 years ive never worn one. unless you dry hump a roll of carpet before touching the motherboard youll be safe.