Comparing Seasonic Titaniums


Having a hard time to differentiate the 1000 models between these two lines:

Looks like some certifications may differ but units are essentially the same. Given the current sparse availability, should I grab the first I come across (to be used in the USA) or there is a meaningful difference I am missing?


Difference is minor dimension difference, and one certification regarding environmental compliance.

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I do not even see a dimension difference: both are 170x150x86. So only regulatory stuff.

The SSR prefix indicates that particular PSU is safety rated. Seasonic changed their PSU naming system at some point, and depending on where you live, there may be PSUs that utilise the old naming scheme as well as the new one in the sales channel. You can read about the so-called OneSeasonic product naming initiative here.

Thank you, that explains completely. Except for why would they post two pages (instead of a redirect), but that is beyond the scope :smiley:

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