Comparing GPUs by price range invalid? *RANT*

Greetings all, been a long time since I’ve been on here. I recently got into a debate (and I use that term very loosely) with a fellow student about computer hardware and he was saying it was invalid for me to compare the RX 580 to the GTX 1060 because “They’re in entirely different tiers” Stating that the 1060 was mid range and the 580 was “flagship” To which I responded but they’re in the same price bracket. He then proceeded to say that a valid comparison would be between the 1070 and the 580.


Let me add this guy is A+ and Network+ certified too


Ask him what Vega is then…
Honestly, if he is true to his own logic you should compare 1080 to 580, cause they are both high end… 1070 is 570 “bracket”…
Anyways, just tell him the different chips Nvidia makes, such as 104 and 106 have different names at amd

You can have something that is totally better then something else in the same
price tier. It’s also very fair to compare things that are in the same price range.

And isn’t the 1060 better then the 580?

Oh I did, he asked me if I knew what Vega 32 was, but I said that most reviewers compare by price range becuase that’s what buyers look at when buying. Then we got into the validity of benchmarks and he would always bring up userbenchmark (have nothing against them, amazing site) and I said you can’t use those because all those systems are running different components thus causing too many different variables. Whereas reviewers use the same test bench swapping out cards for accurate results. To which he then replied (get ready)

But those guys get paid to make stuff look good regardless

They’re about on par overall. Better in some, worse in others


Personally I still prefer the 580 over the 1060, but then again that’s my opinion which is actually all this started because I gave him my thoughts on the new cards by nvidia. I said I think nvidia has really been playing the mind share and gimmicks card for too long and personally I would rather have AMD for better linux support

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I prefer AMD but this is just blind fan boy… Rationale flew out of the window a long time ago

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You should’ve seen my face when he said Vega wasn’t a gaming card



Doesn’t sound like a good person to be around in academic circles. Either he’s trolling you, or is suffering from an extreme case of Dunning-Kruger effect.

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@discobot define


In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is…


Nah, he’s just once of those people that always has to be right

EDIT: Read definition thanks, discobot that’s accurate

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DAFUQ, Discobot can do that?


Good bot.

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By that logic, higher end sports cars can only be combined to combines (as in harvesters) or large mining equipment due to the price mismatch compared to other cars…

Makes complete sense, right?

Yeah I’m just glad the guy is graduating soon

I’m curious: was raytracing mentioned, and did either of you have any conclusions?

With the mining “bubble” prices got all out of whack. There settling now but RTX will be fun to watch unfold.

Its graphics card moving from one drama to a new one.

Problem spotted

there are plenty of muppets with pieces of paper.

take this total bullshit he spun you as a filter; anything he says from here on out is to be taken with a bucket of salt.