Hello again. I'm looking for some critiqie on these two builds.



As you may have seen, these two builds are similarly priced. I was wondering which one gave me more preformance for the price- or which ones better. Uses for these PCs will be strictly gaming. One could call it, "console gaming", internet browsing, watching movies, playing music, and Skype. Games I will be playing will be as follows:

Arma II, Arma III, DayZ, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, GTA V, Minecraft, and various other free-to-play games. I will be playing all of these games off of Steam and talking with my friends while playing. I do NOT play below Medium settings and I do NOT play below 30-35 FPS. Just a pet-peeve of mine.

You may have seen some of my other posts about building a gaming PC for $550. I have recently upgraded my budget for some reasons to $750- $800. If you wish, you may build me another PC within my price range when you have the time.

Again, Thanks.

I would go for the intel build, since the 3570k performs a tiny bit worse than the higher tiered FX-8350, so I would assume that the 3570k would eat the 6300 for breakfast. But if it were up to me, I would get a better motherboard such as the asus p8-z77 v since the h77 chipset is not made for overclocking, so you would not benefit from an unlocked k part. So go for intel and a full atx z77 board with a decent cpu cooler like the hyper 212 evo by cooler master. And if budget alows, caching ssd maybe?

I do NOT play below Medium settings and I do NOT play below 30-35 FPS. Just a pet-peeve of mine.

Throw out Windows license out of the build because FPS are more important than clear conscience and $90 are gonna make a big difference. Microsoft don't deserve money anyway.

Throw out DVD writer because 2013.

Go with AMD build and get a GTX 670. (PSU will handle it just fine).

This way you will be able to play games like Metro on high without dropping below 60 FPS while not exceeding $800.

I don't intend on overclocking. I changed CPUs to the i5 3570. Could I keep the motherboard I had if I'm not overclocking or should I still switch? If so, I switched it to an Asrock Z77 Pro 3 motherboard. 

It actually looks like you can get a GTX 670 and FX-8320 while still not exceeding $800. I would do that if I were you.