Company of Heroes TONIGHT!

who has it installed and patched and can play asap? a good 4v4 would rock, willing to settle for a 2v2.

I think I do

you down for some right now? i'll make a locked RTW server.

which one opposing fronts or the normal one?

i have both games



have put 90 hours into tht game i love it

I have it but its not installed. Ive never played online.

clownpRon wrote 8 minutes ago »

you down for some right now? i'll make a locked RTW server.

not right now, brah. working on a video and a case mod. Tonight I'll deffo be down.

Dunno if I have you on Steam though, add me: Subwoofler

Ahh.. Cant, im at my dad's.... COH is so dan sweet.

I CAN ADDZ ON STOOM? k I'll do that.


I'll be back home in like 30 minutes, so all who can arm up, let's do this DAMMIT!

I will be able to. I am installing it now.

alright add me on steam mr. harrison. i'll wait some more till a few more of you rtw guys can play.

Ok, Ill add you.

On a side note, how many patches are there. Right now I'm dling a 1.7 gb one in the game. If I went and downloaded the latest one would it skip all of the others?

it depends on which version, it sounds like you have the original which means you just download the expansion pretty much. it's a tedious process updating this game.

God I hate this game

Xezmer wrote 1 hour ago »

God I hate this game

pro tip: just because you suck, doesn't mean the game sucks.

I'll be in the RTW group chat, after my friends done scrimming it's go time.