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Company name for Alibaba supplier?

So I am looking to buy a 5.5 inch touchscreen display off of a supplier I found on Alibaba. I have sent a few emails talking to a sales rep from the supplier and he asked me for my company name, ‘tel’, ‘add’, and ‘ATTEN’. I don’t have a company and am only getting a single unit (I already confirmed that they will send single units with the rep) so I’m just wondering what I should do about the company thing. Will telling him I’m not affiliated with a company make him not want to sell the display to me? Also I’m assuming that ‘tel’ means telephone and ‘add’ means address, but what is ATTEN? Anyone have any ideas?

ATTEN would be Attention, or whoever it should be addressed to at the company (e.g. Level1Techs, attn. Wendell)

Although you probably shouldn’t, you could make up a company name. If you’re talking to an actual sales rep and not customer service they may be thinking that you are a buyer/product designer/engineer and are buying one to use for testing or prototyping. Who knows though.

And expect delays if it’s coming from China. Apparently mail to and from the country is iffy at the moment because of all the stuff going on.


Hmmm yea I wonder if it would be better to try to bargain with this person about not being affiliated with a company or just faking a name…

Imo just tell you are normal consumer and not affiliated with any company. Sellers who do lot of B2B (Business 2 Business) sales can sometimes automatically assume you might be representative of a company willing to buy.

If for whatever reason the seller is not willing to do business with regular consumer, which would be bit strange in this situation, then just find a seller or supplier that does.

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Just use your name. You don’t need to be legally registered to order from Alibaba. If you let the suppliers know that you are starting and arent registered yet they will still do business with you and give you wholesale prices