Companies that make custom cable sleeves?

hey guys i know cable mod makes custom sleeves and extentsions. are there any other high qaulity companies that do this as the colors CB sells do not really match my build.

MAINframe Customs, ICEMODZ, ENsourced are a few that I know of.

I went through MAINframe Customs for mine-

I also went with MAINframe for the build I did for my Dad for his birthday

did u paint the deepcool pump and change the fluid?

No, DeepCool makes a black/red version, and a black/white version. My dad really liked how my black/red looked, so I found the white version for his build.

did not know that

Yes, I think they even came out with upgraded versions, introduced at Computex .

oh well at least they let you drain the loop in the end haha. thanks for the help though!

Isn't there a company called Lutro customs or something like that? I recall Jay went through someone like that for skunkworks...