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@Wendell said in the first TekLinux video that there might be some interest in some community member based tutorials for getting started with using linux. I wanted to start a thread to discuss how we can start organizing these tutorials (videos, text, info-graphics, etc.) in a way that is organized and accessible to the community here.

In my mind it would be a good idea to have a sort of request page/thread for what you want to learn, and have others respond to those requests with a tutorial on the topic.

Now, i am by no means an expert in any way, but i would like to share some of my knowledge, as well as try and fulfill other peoples requests as a way for me to learn things i wouldn't have otherwise tried. I'm sure im not the only one here that would like to do this either, as we seem to have a fairly active linux community on the forums.

TL;DR : Propose ideas about organizing community based tutorials for doing things in linux.


Sounds good. I think it would be useful to add a section there with a database of software recommendations for people switching over from Windows /Mac. This list could be made by creating a poll with various sections such as Graphic Design, Video editing, Education, Office, etc.

its something that i'd really like to get started!

i see that there's a growing number of posts by members (probably due to the new channel starting up), so i think that it would be in the best interest of the many to have a central "question and answer" section to help reduce peoples efforts of multiple posts for the same question, and also see what people are asking for help with.

it would also be helpful for people like me that want to get some practice with finding answers that i might not really know yet, but could look into for those that might not have a good place to start looking.

the software recommendation lists would probably have to be pretty basic, or well maintained, but might be a good idea to have as a sticky or something on top of the Linux section of the forum

Before we delve deeper into doing various different things on Linux systems, it might be best to start out with a general list of best practices (e.g Do's & Don'ts) for maintining a healthy Linux system,


For software recomendations, they are plenty of lists on the internet. Just linking to them on the future wiki would be plenty enough, it might not seem like it is but maintaining lists is a bit more tricky then creating a high quality and informative article by merging all contributor's insights into one condenced piece of information. List tend to be forgotted, even when they are only one to maintain. Since they are already a couple of them, like: .


@Kehlyos That's probably where i would have taken most of the information from. The archwiki seems to work well, no matter which distro you use, due to the "Arch Way" of keeping it simple.

@clumsybot : I'm not talking about doing the diving into different topics. i'm proposing the idea of having a place to channel those questions and threads. the questions will be coming shortly as more content on linux makes it to the channel.

I agree, it's good to start simple, but there should probably be some sort of question and answer section in the form to help organize the questions instead of lumping it all into the Linux category on the forums. be prepared so that there isn't a ton of cluttered questions, and make it easy to access for newcomers and lurkers alike

So, you are thinking something more along the lines of a request for documentation "thread/platform" ?
This would not be a bad Idea, in my opininon, it would work even better then a formal wiki.
We would still need a way of organizing it all though

I suppose there's two ways to roll this

  • Devote a subforum for all Linux related questions


  • Document basic questions, so, a wiki.
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That's almost exactly what im thinking. some sort of sub-forum or wiki devoted to strictly How-To's and questions on doing specific tasks.

it would also be a good hub for people that are just taking their first steps after watching some of the videos on the channel with the added benefit of not cluttering up the linux main category with questions, so that the main category can be more for news, information, and discussions that are not directly how-to's

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i'd be on board with either of these.

Just seems like there should be some place separate from general discussion to specifically post single and common questions.

Maybe some kind of chat or something?

if people wanted to do chat, it would probably be best to do it in an IRC format on freenode or something.

chat is also way too temporary to document common issues, so it wouldn't really help common questions be answered as effectively as a wiki or sub-forum.

There is #teksyndicate on efnet if people want to chat, but that's not ideal to answer questions

I should probably get around to writing a guide on Linux partitioning and File systems . Seems to trip people up the most along with GPU/wifi drivers.

A primer on the Unix Philosophy would be a good idea.


Definitely! +1

I created a topic like that on another forum. I never actually finished it, it's not polished but there is a lot of information. Copy all you want:

I would like to help as well.

I went ahead and created an Explanation of the Linux' Directory Hierarchy
It would be great if you guys could further enhance that guide :-)

One thing that tripped me up when I tried to install gentoo on a RAID 0 setup was the difference between sd* and md* in the /dev folder.

Same applies for setting up LUKS encryption on a already running system - /dev/sdx and /dev/mapper/sdx can be swapped so easily ... :D