Command to launch specific Nemo directory AND auto "tile" it to upper left corner

I want to eventually have my LM 20.1 Cinnamon desktop to where when it boots up, My movies folder auto snaps aka “tiles” to upper left corner, my gopro folder auto tiles to bottom right corner, and my Games Shortcuts folder auto tiles to upper right corner.

Since one of the three main recent version of Linux Mint, the Mint teams removed the ability for the system to “remember” the desktop arrangement upon shut down…which sucks, but if I remember correctly…it was for stability reasons.

I’ve looked up xdotool ( unsure how practical or applicable it is to my mission) but I can’t get any of the commands to do as they claim on the instructions.

How do I accomplish what I want?

– Unless there is something I’m missing, which there could be xD , doing the command without quotes “gnome-terminal -e file” ( meaning launching gnome terminal and then executing that script file) only launches just a single nemo window with that top nemo path selection out of the three I want to launch…if another nemo window has not already launched first.

So unless something else can confirm otherwise, it looks like the closest I’ll get it having a separate custom command of Nemo ( matters not the full file path) launching just before my bash script command to get what I want.

I’ll marked this as Solved Enough for Now and in the future if anyone has an idea letting me still auto launch all three windows snapped in the corners without the need for the 4th launching first, I’m all eyes.

Here is the bash script…My thanks to Termy for nemo && { sleep 0.5s; xdotool key --window xdotool getactivewindow ‘Super+Right’; } and a user named Welcome for the bash script that I tweaked some replacing the stock file paths for the ones I needed to auto open and auto snap/tile…found here *Solved Enough for now* Script to auto launch nemo window & auto snap them to corners - Linux Mint Forums

In summary:

  1. Decide which folders you want to auto open and auto snap aka tile to which specific corners of the screen of equal size.

  2. Create a new document, saving it where ever you want as long as it isn’t root, and name it with .sh at the end of the document name. Paste that bash scrip into it. Make it executable.

  3. Change the window size up top inside that bashscript via text editor to match the sensible 4 quadrant measurements pixel-wise of your monitor ( since I’m on 2560x1440…that would be 1280x720 per each corner) and delete, add, whatever edit the file paths from the default ones from Termy’s bash script to make it open which ever folders you want.

Now as far as the snapping/tiling part… You’ll need to edit/add a part at the end of those …for example

nemo ‘/mnt/GoPro 1TB Backup’ && { sleep 0.1s; xdotool key --window xdotool getactivewindow ‘Super+Right+Down’; }

the Super+Right+Down part means it acts like it auto pressed and temp held the Super aka windows key for you as well as automatically pressing right and immediately down …this is the part that makes it snap the window to the bottom right corner.

So edit each nemo folder launching line as you need.

  1. Know that, and again…someone is legit welcome to prove me wrong with proper instructions to boot, unless you have at least one nemo window launching first just before this bash script is triggered aka executed aka ran…it won’t either do anything OR it will just launch whatever the 1st aka top nemo folder launching selection you put into that bash script via the text editor of your choice.

Cheers —