Comcast To Spam Ads To Users With Aftermarket Routers

As if this company couldn't find a new low to sink to, apparently they will bombard users of aftermarket routers with ads about using their proprietary ones. This is just another example of this company failing to understand what the consumer is looking for. This is directly aimed at folks like us who have a little tech savvy because let's face it most people would just use their hardware.

1) consider filing an fcc complaint or getting in touch with fbi cyber crime division, imho this is the same as a postman opening your letters and deciding to rewrite some bits inside.

2) support your local small isp or isps by paying a premium for them to install fiber, or see what you need in order to rally your local community for google fiber.

3) comcast making lives harder for people likely to be working well paying jobs from home, or comcast hassling small local businesses, or comcast hassling local students who aren't wealthy enough to pay double or triple or yet another electricity bill, or yet another car's maintenance worth a month for so called business service, should be of interest to the local government where you live. ask your local government official where they stand on the issue.

4) ranting on forums is probably not as productive

5) build your own small not-for-profit ISP, look into micro-trenching, consult with local construction industry people cause they'd know about building licenses and make a small website with your efforts detailing your location and contact information, consider distributing flyers in your area asking people to register their interest, .. you can use this in your business model to get bank loans.