Comcast - Journalist has had enough, decides to call CEO's Mom!

We all know Comcast, is well, to be blunt, they are ASS.

Poor customer service, you can now get your the name on your bill changed to asshole now, and Comcast likes to merge with everything, because they are money hungry, they want FUCKING MOAR!!!! but one journalist decided he's had enough. He's been dealing with poor service just like everyone else, and decided you know what? C.E.O Brian Roberts, You won't fix my issue, maybe your MOM can, (Insert Sexual Mother Joke here).

So Journalist, Ronnie Polaneczky called up the CEO's mother and it WORKED. the Comcast trucks came to Ronnie's house in a bloody heart beat. (well the came the next day, after weeks of waiting)

This is probably how CEO Brian Roberts, felt after that Phone-Call.


Someone hit the "BRUH" button cause this is probably the funniest thing we've heard about Comcast.

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Ronnie Polaneczky you magnificent bastard. 

The nuclear option. 

when there's no hope in humanity, you gotta bring out the emergency kit, "You're gonna get into trouble, cause i'm TELLING!" lol

Hehe. Nice.