Combining my ISP for ultra performance/reliability

    I have an 100 mbps fiber to my apartment its fast but yesterday it drops for 2-3 hours. And i started wondering if I could have another ISP (different provider) maybe 50mbps simultaneously and when one drop connect to the other one but i would have to pay around 2x the money for just having access just when the first one drops (witch is rear and doesn't worth the money spend) BUT if i could combine the 100mbps ISP and the 50mbps ISP and have a constant 150 mbps, and when one drops i would be left with 100mbps or 50mbps i think its a nice combo.

Gratings from Bulgaria and keep the good show :)

btw if you are wondering the prices for fiber + basic TV here are 

25 mbps ~ 8$/moth

50 mbps ~ 13$/moth

100 mbps ~ 17$/moth

150 mbps ~ 21$/moth

and we don't have data caps since the late 90' I was surprise to here it was a thing in the USA

Thanks! will this help with twitch and uploading huge files (i do some video editing stuff)