Color Theming

So i'm building a pc for christmas (as the laptop i currently have is dying fast) and I stumbled across This pretty little number and fell in love and began a quest to build a PC with a theme around the Vipers from Battlestar Galactica. This was going to be similar grey components with red accents. The problem is there is a bit of a dearth of grey video cards and MOBOS. I live in a small apartment so spray painting isn't out of the question but is a last resort. Has anyone seen anything in a similar color on a Z170 MOBO and or GTX 1060?

First motherboard to come to mind is the Asus WS board.

For a GPU, I would paint the shroud of the best reviewed card, but if you dont want to do that Zotac has a few nice ones.
linked is one that I feel would look nice

Probably Saber tooth as well

Tho its more military it has grey:

it's not a 1060 but there is the nitro

Wow, thanks guys. This stuff looks pretty good. The Asus WS board looks pretty pricey but the TUF looks like it may fit the bill.

Nice idea! If you struggle to find the desired parts then what I recommend for painting is Plasti-Dip. Its pretty much a plastic coating you can spray on. Take off the plastic covers around the fans and whatnot on the gpu or plastic covers on the motherboard and give them a good spray with the colour you want. It will peel off too if you decide you dont like it after a while! Its easy to pickup at hardware and auto stores and is cheap. Hope this helps.