Collecting old pc's / parts what to do with them?

I have acquired some old pc's and parts over the years. I always wanted to do something with them but never got to it. As we all know computer parts don't age well so its about time I do something with them or sell them on craigslist. What would you do with the computers. I considerd a pfsense or ddwrt router. Also testing linux distros but now that I have hyper v on my computer i can just make vm for that. If not tell me what they could be sold for.

all have ide optical drives(not all dvd)

acer t6211
2.2 gh amd athlon 64 3200+
2gb ram

dell optiplex GX2800
4gb ram (shows 3gb)
pentium 4 2.8gh (prescot maybe?)
amd 3650 hd

athlon 64x2 3600+ 2gh
4gb ram
asrock k10n780
amd 3650 hd

10/100 nic
ide hd 6gb
ide hd 160gb
sata 40gb

I also have a gigabyte GA-m61pm-s2

Might be able to turn it into a media server

play old games like really old like doom

I already have a nas that can run plex.(n54l running rockstor) But what ones would be good for that role.

There's not much else you could do then, maybe a seed box for torrenting, otherwise just hang the motherboards on your wall as a decoration

linux servers, small ones but still

I was wondering Is there a distro that I could make one into a glorified chrome cast.(manage by app or web interface)
Also what is the simplest open router distro?

Witch one would be most fit for the job.(don't want all running in my room unless its winter)

The dual core one, then the athlon 64 single core, than the p4. the dual core is the best for a server, duh, and the athlon 64 > the p4 iirc. So yeah

Just realized the dell was a single core. Keep forgetting hyper threading shows up as a second core in the task manager. Ill see how many sata drives i can pull together to fill out the athlon x2.

Mount them!

Witch of my parts would be worthy of such a case.

Lol, I don't know. Any of them have sentimental value? I, personally, mounted the first real enthusiast parts I ever had.

Could use one for pfsense.

I was thinking of that just to play around with. I was also looking at all the other firewall options and then couldn't decide because there were too many. Maybe ill try all the ones that stick out the most.

Check the optical drives for GC/Wii disk reading capability.

Well I got the Athlon x2 running proxmox for containers. Going to fiddle with that for a while. Thought about running a distro called rancheros but it was more complicated that I could handle.

@WhiskeyRanger @Streetguru Wow, I thought I was the only one who mounted old motherboards and graphic cards on my wall. Strange. One of the mobos I made into a light display.

Nope, you are not alone in the nerdy decorating tendency department lol.

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