Codec Packs

As a matter of interest, so any of you still install codec packs in windows? This used to be standard procedure many moons ago but is it still necessary today?

On my main machine at home I use MS media player for music and VLC for videos. It also looks like most of you use programs that might not need extra codecs.

VLC should come with about everything you would ever need, imo.

I used to use the K-Lite codec pack, then I used the LAV filters, now the LAV filters are built in to media player classic so I just use that.

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Yes, FFDSHOW. I have to edit audio decoder preferences and turn on audio normalization or otherwise I have to watch everything with a remote in hand on volume buttons. Otherwise, action is too loud and dialogs inaudible. Problem with 2 TVs and soundbar in addition does not help. Fire Hollywood audio production teams

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