CoD : Ghost, PC or PS3

I am kinda confused, I have a mid level gaming pc & a PS3. I want to pickup Ghost but not sure for which platform..

Any suggestions?

PC Specs: Amd 8320, Radeon 7870 GHZ edition OC, 8GB ram 

My main reason for asking this question is, can my pc handle the game on high settings? If not, am I better off ordering it for PS3?

Nobody knows how the game will run because alot of people think the minimum requirements are too high to be true. I would just wait it out. But for some good news, linustechtips says they will benchmark Cod Ghosts with multiple gpu's.

an 8320 and 7870 will handle just about any game better than a ps3 at the same resolution/graphics setting. You should be able to get a good framerate with that setup, it might be with high graphics, you might have to turn some of the filters down though.

if you're worried about settings the pc will always be better, from what i've seen even lowest settings on pc usually look better

but i'm sure they aren't going to do anything insane, it'll run it fine, i don't understand why people are freaking out about the minimum specs, it's still a potato compared to 90% of the machines around here

Thank you everyone. The 5870 actually threw me off. I upgraded from a 5870 & I always felt, that card gave me good playable frame rates under decent graphics load till the last moment. So when a Game says It's lowest preference is the highest mid range card from the previous gen. Its kinda makes you uneasy.

Well I made up my mind. Ordered it for PC & if I see my 7870 is taking a hit, Then I am just going to add a second 7870.

Just so you know. Your system already has way better specs than the PS4 and the XB1. So I wouldn't worry about trying to beat ps3 graphics lol.

I know that dude but I also know that games depend on hardware utilization as well. 

If I am buying a game on my PC I want to play it on "ultra" or at least "high" settings.

If I cant do that I would got for a console version where I am sure the game with at least have a decent frame rate with medium graphics.

Hope I am making any sense. 

Ya that makes sense. I would still go pc. COD has never been a super graphics game. So you should have no problem.

ps3 will be running it on stupidly low settings. the only reason with a pc like yours that would make it worth considering it is if you have good friends that you wanted to play with on ps3.

Here's the thing. By looking at that spec, I think your PC will suit Ghost at mid to high setting. So that's quality you're after for. If you're just going to be like every other people and only want the gameplay, the PS3 is ok but I wouldn't be too fond of the other players on PSN.

I only find fun in Call Of Duty when I am playing around with friends.  See what your friends are getting and do what they do.  

PS3 but really if you want they best experience you would need an xbox as they make it for xbox and just port it over to the other platforms and remove anything too hard to port. They are scum. 

PC version. No brainer. If only for the sole purpose of being able to play any FPS with a mouse and keyboard. lol ;) 

Have you seen the user score for the PC version on metacritic?

It's an abysmal piece of ported shit to be perfectly honest, even the benefit of keyboard and mouse don't save the PC version this time round. At least Treyarch tried to make the Pc version better when blops2 got made. IW hasn't tried in the slightest and it's painfully obvious.

Even a Titan dips to 40fps and this game doesn't even look all that much better than it's predecessor, hell even BF4 on Ultra runs better than this and it looks 50x better.

I'm just saying, for me, for FPS games (in general), if I have the choice of playing with a game pad or keyboard and mouse, I'll happily take the PC versions for the KB+M. 

I haven't played a CoD game since CoD2, so forgive me for being ignorant of the poor port job they've done with this game. I was unaware. :( Hopefully they release some patches or new drivers to help optimize it a little better...

I LOVE Ghosts on PC but the community isnt as big but i absolutely loved the campaign but its still fun i just wish the community was bigger on PC just plan on playing a lot of Team Deathmatch or Domination since those are the most populated on PC.

It will look better on your pc, but its a shit pc port.  no fov slider and its set to 65 which is fucking awful for pc.  still looks on shit even on high settings, and there aren't even any dedicated servers.

either one you chose still is going to be a shit game.

The game stutters like shit on my PC - AMD 1090t and GTX 680

I am fine fine with both PC and PS3. I am a game lover and try out for all the games with different specifications using the legal keys purchased online from Instant Gaming.