CoD AW minor debate

So my roomie boldly claimed that CoD AW was developed on a console and later converted for PC play, and i immediately made an argument that it isn't possible, since we still develop games on a PC. I don't have my facts straight yet, but i am pretty sure that a PS4 didn't exist 3 years ago(on blueprint perhaps) when they started the project, and the PS4 and other consoles aren't up to the task power wise to handle these kind of things. 


What i really want is to make a solid argument that will pimp slap his statement, which is just nonsense. 

Now i want to make a disclaimer and say i don't hate on console, i just don't believe this to be true.


Although he could have meant it was first aimed for consoles, but idunno. That wouldn't make sense either, since it has been on the PC market for some time now.


What do you think/know of this?

I think he got his words a bit mixed up, the Games ARE developed on a PC but they are Developed with the Consoles in-mind. in other words. It's a PC game that has been downgraded to work much better with a Console than to work much better than PC.

With Game Developers who develop games for Xbox One and PS4, the Primary Concern is to get the CONSOLE game working and out first. the PC Versions are all Secondary Concern. this is why there is minor issues with PC Ports. cause they just port it over they don't optimize it for PC, and don't up the graphics or don't give you FOV Options. this is also why you are able to Run the game on Ultra with as Low as lets say an R9-270x or a GTX 760.


Now that makes a lot more sense. I felt like i wanted to slap him for being stupid, because he kept saying they made it on consoles -.-'