CM Storm QuickFire TK - Review

Hey guys CoolKoala here. I usually don't make keyboard reviews but I thought that the forum could appreciate it. So I recently bought a Coolermaster Storm Quickfire TK with MX Blue switches. This keyboard is everything I want in a keyboard (like I said for me) The reason I love it so much is because of 3 main components. The first being Mechanical reliability and the way it feels. I chose MX blues for this keyboard mainly because it is my personnel favorite. The second thing I love so much about this keyboard is the backlighting. It is absolutely beautiful next to my Razer Deathadder and NZXT Guardian case with Blue led's and fans. Coolermaster has even gone so far that they paint behing the keys blue so that it reflects the blue and provides a nice even light across the keyboard. The third and final thing I love about is, it's a small tenkeyless. Which for people who don't know is essentially a keyboard with the Home, pgup, pgdn, del, keys are on the num pad. This helps so much for saving space. My last keyboard which was a Razer Deathadder took up too much room and honestly the build quality of that thing was horrendous after some time. Another small thing I admire is the lazer etched keys so the keys will never wear or lose their color. Also they don't compromise space for keys. Long Shift keys both left and right and long delete key which I need due to my typing style. Also this keyboard has a plethara of extra media keys on the F-5 through F-11 which inclue play pause stop fast forward volume mute and higher and lower.

       I believe the cons of this keyboard really relies on what you want from a keyboard. For instance with the razer blackwidow ultimate I felt I didn't really a keyboard with macro keys and macro software. I've never used macros so I never really used the razer synapse for them. Another thing is possible a con is the size. Some of you I'm sure need a big keyboard that has the Home, pgup, pgdn, del, keys if you maybe use them a lot.

Overall I give this keyboard a 9/10 mainly because they couldv'e improved a small number of things like how the brightness selecter isn't very big. Hope if any of you are looking for a keyboard you will check this out. BTW I bought it for $100 from amazon.