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[CLOSED] Wordpress site got deleted

Hello Sir/Madam,

Yesterday I restarted my server due to maintenance updates and now when opening the wordpress website this happens:

Was my website deleted or is wordpress now confused.

I think we need a little more Information.
What OS are you running?
What Updates got installed?
Have you looked into your WP Directory? Is your wp_config.php still present?
Is your wp-admin Website reachable?
Have you connected to your Database and looked whether anything is still in there?

I’m using a windows 10 server with wordpress on docker. I installed the newest version of windows and docker is on edge latest.
I have these files:

I’m sorry that i might not be of too much help, as all my WP Instances are running on Linux. I’m not sure on the Windows specifics of that. I also never ran docker on Windows, so i’m out on that too.

Only thing i can say is, that most problems of that kind i have faced where either a borked wp-config.php or a unaccesible Database.

So, my usual procedure: Backup what you have now. Before trying anything, make a Backup! After that, have you actually tried clicking continue? Maybe Wordpress got updated to a new Version and the Language setting is new?

(Sidenote, there is not Windows 10 Server. It’s either Windows 10 or Server 2016)

Sounds like you have started with a fresh container that doesn’t contain the data you saved previously.

Have you tried a docker ps -a command to get a list of the containers previously created? Keeping stateful data in a container isn’t the best approach and there are methods to persist the data outside the container so it can be accessed/mounted to a fresh container when needed.


Looks like the database got wiped out

Yeah, this is probably what happened. When a container goes down, so does the data in it, unless you tell Docker to store that data in a volume elsewhere on the host system. If you have the database and WordPress running in separate containers, both will need to be restored.

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I had this backup plugin…

I’m a server admin, what I ment is that my computer is being used as a server and it serves wordpress and filezilla.
btw, I’m going to switch to windows server 2019 datacenter real soon.

I started with docker last week, all I can say that it is really different to oracle vm box.

I don’t know how to create a volume :confused:

This blogpost has some good info, it looks like. Unfortunately I have no idea how to do it on Windows.

That’s what I am thinking as well. Or unlinked (but I have never seen an update replace the config file only the “sample”)

Go into your database, is everything still there? If so check your config file to see if it was some how replaced.

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