[Closed] Which of ryzen 7 2700 or 5 3500x is better for virtualization

Hello I’m new here.
So I have question about which one is better for virtualization.
currentyl I have:
i5-6600, 16GB RAM, GTX970.

What i’m doing:
Windows 10 on KVM/QUEMU with Microchip Atmega microcontroller simulation.
on host OS(Manjaro KDE) various chat/communication application at the same time, multiply terminals, brwosers, text editors.

I know that zen2 have many improvments over zen+ and is better in single threaded performence.
but R 7 2700 have 2 more physical cores. I’ve seen several benchmarks and R5 generally has higher scores, but in productivity soft(some of them) R7 gets lower time.

So i’m not sure which one will be better.
Thank you.

It’s going to depend entirely on the motherboard you get for how nicely it plays with virtualization

Also the 5600x is one of the few CPUs that stays in stock and msrp, that cpu should give enough performance to beat both CPUs at everything

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For motherboard friend recommended me gigabyte(specifycly b450 atx). For ram i would go with 16GB one stick for now.(since i capped 16GB before).
As for 5600x, its nice but it goes over my desired budget.
My plan was to buy them refurbished/Oem or used.
Thanks for answering

Depending on the model the IOMMU groups will be grouped together wildly differently

Which is usually important for virtualization but no always(?)

I’m no expert, this is just some random stuff I gleamed from listening to wendells mobo reviews

Actual experts feel free to correct me

CPU-wise I would go for the 3600, it opens up higher memory speeds and at higher capacities/ranks will still be faster than the 2700X

Then when you eventually upgrade you’ll get both a freq and core boost

Try and get that second stick soon as it’ll bottleneck your CPU, you can probably run it at 3200mhz/2700x or 3733mhz/3600 if it’s just a single stick to help offset the single channel penalty

Single channel can run slightly higher speeds than dual, so you might not retain those speeds once you go dual but the dual channel should provide a higher boost than the speed alone

Okay sorry for late answer I had to calculate and calculate and think about this, and conclusion came to be.
So i’ve chosen R5-3600.

Now I have separate dilemma, with intels it was easy to pick correct RAM correct generetion and of to go.
With ryzen it’s bit more complicated. I found somewhere that okay ram is 3200MHz and CL16 or 3600MHz and CL17.

So I guess my question is if I should go with 3600MHz or with 3200MHz.

3600 ram will allow you to have a better infinity fabric speed (gets you to a 1 to 1 ratio) so you get the most out of your processor without a lot of tweaking besides memory clocks.
X470 in my experience needed a few manual tweaks to get 3600, while the X570 and B550 I have worked just fine using XMP 3600 G.Skills ripjaws V.
I am however using a 2700 non x in my home server and it’s barely using any cpu running plex, pie-hole, and serving files directly from proxmox via samba ZFS volumes. This however is on a AsRockRack X470DU. The motherboard really does make a diffrence as @GigaBusterEXE has mentioned. For this platform because I was trying to make this a really “safe place for my data” (I still have physical BU, and cloud BU) I used ECC ram thats only at 2666MHz.
Can see some of my experiances on my build log here…

Thanks for input on memory.
With mobo I wasn’t going to go so far. At least in my country this motherboard cost as much as new Ryzen 5 5600x.
My motherboards of choice are B550: Gigabyte Gamimg, or ASUS PRIME PLUS(the one I lean more to) .
Like I told in my first post, this is not rack lab home server but a workstation for work and gaming(if i have time).

@HaaStyleCat @GigaBusterEXE Thank you for your input. I’ve decided to go for something that will allow me to be at easy for next couple years.
Exact spcification:
Asus Prime B550 Plus (ATX)
2 x 8 GB GoodRAM 3600MHz CL17 (white color)

Thanks again for your input.

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