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any one have a test they want me to run?

I have games I can benchmark like.
Civilization V
Valkyria Chronicles
Portal 2
Sonic Generations
NiGHTS Into Dreams

dolphin emulaor:
tales of syphonia 2
zelda wind waker

armored core: last raven
phantasy star universe
final fantasy X

of corse I don't mind doing other stuff as long as it dosn't involve a 5+gb download that will take forever to download on a 500kb/s dsl connection.

testing video encoding with nvenc is also an option.

if video is what you want I could record with my smart phone camera but you'd just get blurry 720x480 video with noisy static filled audio. also given that the adapter is only using a minipci-e 2.0. connection screen recording will likely be too much of a performance hit especially when you count the fact I only have a dual core i7-4610 with hyper threading.

Could you try out playerunknown's battlegrounds? I have a gtx 1060 3gb also with i7-4720hq. And im getting 30-50 fps at high settings, wanted to see your results.

sorry but I sold my egpu adapter back in january.