Closed headset for music, movies and games

So yeah as the topic says, im looking towards getting some new headphones, i would like them to probably be closed, due to the fact that i would love a bit of sound proofing, i live in an older type building and there is often quite a bit of noise, i also suffer a bit with tinitus and some sounds, like my upstairs neighbours air con does my head in.

I am currently using some cheap sennheiser HD 407 with a NuForce Udac-2, probably not the best amp/dac, but it was pretty much what i could get at the time and the fact it is so small makes it nice and portable. The headphones i pretty much just got because they were on sale and the on ear style works quite nice with glasses.

But as the topic says, im currently trying to find something new, most likely closed over the ear headset to atleast help drown out some sounds, they also do have to be decently comfortable when wearing glasses tho, so far i have been looking at the:

Beyerdynamic DT 770

Sennheiser HD 380

Audio Technica ATH-M50s

As i said, im most likely gonna use them for both listning to music, watching movies and gaming, i heard good things about the DT 770, they should great while still having a bit punchier bass, wich i personally like, im by no means and audiophile, probably obvious by my current choice in headphones :) But i would love a bit of input, maybe some other suggestions or feedback from people who currently own the headphones i mentioned

I'm in the same boat. Bump for interest.

I have the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headphones, which are an excellent alternative to the ATH-M50s. The bass switches are a very nice feature (you can "open up" the headphones to some extent for a bass boost but less isolation and definition), and the headphones are overall more portable than the DT 770s or other Beyer options. I use them for gaming, listening, and creating/producing my own music. It's worth mentioning that while the COP pads are pleather, you can replace the pads with the DT 770 velour ones, if you so desire.

EDIT: I probably should mention that these take a while (I'd say give 'em 24-48 hours AT LEAST) to burn in. They are pretty lacking in the mids prior to some usage.

I'm in the same predicament. I own the m50's but the pleather pads suck and have broken down after about a year, they sound great but are not the most comfortable for extended use. The Beyers (DT770) are more expensive but look very comfortable (which is my first priority) and according to reviews sound pretty good. There just doesn't seem to be any closed, super comfortable (velour), great sounding headphones out there.