CLOSED: FS:yet another never Settle forever

Deal closed. smooth trading with dragansep :>

Good people of tek syndicate ,

I am looking to trade, preferably  skyrim legendary edition or $29. Just to clarify that previous never settle forever deal is made and not closed due to change in amount. Deal was made with xdjeagle who hopefully can comfirm a smooth exchange was made. Pls also know that, I am on a trip so won't be able to retrieve my redeem code till Wednesday noon.

A choice of: Thief, Saints Row 4, Hitman Absolution, Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Sniper Elite, Farcry: Blooddragon,

Link for $29 skyrim legendary. Hopworks it still valides

I'll take the code for skyrim LE add me on steam: Dragansep or give me your profile

My profile name is puwawa .just to remind u , I won't be able to give u the code till Wednesday noon.  

why till then?

well i have the steam code rdy so pm me on steam when u get it

Having holiday right now and won't be home by then. I will pm you Once I got home . Sorry to let u wait. 

Hey m8 u still there?

Code's traded. Good speedy deal :D thread closed

sounds like a scam. i mean, no one else even has an avatar. typical teksyndicate fly by night users.

I suppose it's normal that people are skeptical of the deal. but I can assure you, the codes I trade with are valid. In compliance of the Buy/Sale/Trade Official Rules and Guidelines. I will provide pics of AMD card. I have 3 more AMD redeem code for trade, you can find out yourself if this is a scam or not :>

As for avatar thingy, I can't remember my steam password and just too lazy to reset it so....  


FYI . 2 redeem codes that's showing in the pic are used for the previous 2 trading with dragansep and  xdjeagle