Clients Having Issues with Chrome on Ryzen Systems (2000 & 3000 series)

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Our client has a new Ryzen 3400g system we just built for him. The computer will freeze when he is using chrome, especially when it wakes from sleep with the Chrome window open. Another client with a 2200g has reported the same issue.

I know this is a somewhat common issue, is there a known fix yet?

Thanks, --vvyatt

The Sleep mode causing an issue ?

Maybe have the client NOT use Sleep mode and disable anything that has to do with Hybernation for a few days and see if the issue returns.

Then if not, enable and see if the issue returns.

As a side note, I’m running both a Threadripper 2950x and 3800x machines without this issue.

However I leave my machines on 24/7 and disable ALL sleep and hybernation modes.

The same with any Power Management modes, these are set to Highest Performance and all the sleep functions disabled or set to NEVER like blanking the Display etc…

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Haha, I should have mentioned that our client is super rich and stubborn. He refuses to switch to firefox or disable sleep mode.

The issues does seem to be isolated to AM4 parts with integrated graphics. The obvious answer would be to install a graphics card, but I wanted to know if there’s another work around.

I will play with the power modes and report what I find. Thanks