Cleaning a pc?

so i noticed my pc is pretty dusty after i opend it up a couple of months ago.i was wondering if there is anyway to get rid of the dusty?i already know about comppressed air is that the best way to go?

Pretty much. (Sorry for the short reply. xD)

with a vacium cleaner and a piece of thin cloth to prefent it from sucking up anthing importand. Make sure you put it on a low stand and stop any computer fans from spinning to fast. (dislexia)

Like TahuV2 said, the vacuum and piece of cloth works fine, but I personally prefer using a compressed "air" can, it's more convienient for me. Just be careful with the compressed air though, when it starts getting cold and you feel a liquid slowly coming out, stop spraying it, you don't want anything in your computer.

ok thanks i will clean my pc out when i install my psu and gpu