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Clean, deep, vocals in metal?


Just wondering if you knew of any metal bands/songs that feature deep clean vocals.

Notable examples of what I have in mind include Heidevolk, Metsatoll, and Moonspell. Other example?

Also, doesn't have to male vocals, but I realize deeper female clean vocals may be way less common.



Queensryche and of course the classical trained Pat Benatar

Halestorm's second album she finally learned the difference between singing and screaming

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm looking for a heavier sound, and much deeper vocals. I'm also a listener of symphonic metal, and mezzo sopranos are everywhere - so for a classically trained female vocalist, I'd be looking for someone squarely in the Contralto range.

As for a Halestorm, I'm just not a fan. An example of a deep female vocalist in metal would Mandragora Scream:

The remix version has much clearer clean vocals:

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Not sure if clean enough, but

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the sword?



Monotone clean vocals are insanely uncommon in Symphonic Metal. however I can only think of a few in that regard with insanely deep clean vocals. just not in the genre of Symphonic Metal. more in the Gothic Metal / Gothic Rock Genre. simply because a lot of bands in this genre were influenced by Sisters of Mercy and they were arguably one of the earliest bands to sing with that deep monotone voice. also a lot of clean symphonic vocals. the majority of them are female.



First 3 ones to come to mind




Not deep enough. But Sabaton is pretty good.

@TeslaMaxwell - Yasss

@MograineLefay - Insomnium crossed my mind, but I'm not terribly familiar with them. The song you posted almost has the opposite of what I'm looking - deep growls, but higher pitched clean sections. I actually saw Insomnium touring with Dark Tranquility. Speaking of which, they're probably a better example of what I'm looking for:

Interesting, but not what I'm looking for.

That's always rubbed me the wrong way.I honestly can't think of any symphonic metal bands that feature a prominent clean male vocalist. Maybe Nightwish? I think it would be awesome there was a symphonic metal band that feature prominent clean male voclas.
Anyway, I'm not quite looking for monotone per say, but more like baritone. :P Gothic metal is amongst my favorite genres, so I do love the suggestions. Thanks for the input!

Tyr is probably the closest to what I'm looking for, but even so, I think the pitch is still a tad high. Korkiklaani
is way more raspy than deep.

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I have a couple bands in mind for ya... will have to wait until later tonight when I'm not at work though so I can verify it's what you're looking for.

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I got you covered.

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Shit I totally forgot.... sorry about that... anyway the band I thought of was:




Indeed. Exactly the type of music I'm looking for. Really digging them.

I think their vocalist has the same fault as Korpiklaani's - just raspy. Not to say I don't like it, but not depth and lowness I'm looking for.

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WHY DID NO ONE SUGGEST LUMSK!? :open_mouth::heart_eyes:



The 69 Eyes are a definite contender for this category. They have quite music catalog. But these are a few of my favorites.

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