CKB-Next is in the Official Fedora Repositories

I am at a crossroads and was not sure if this a better fit under Linux or hardware, but I didn’t see a keyboard/mouse section at quick glance so, here you guy Linux section:

ckb-next has made it into the official Fedora repos


If you have a Corsair keyboard or mouse and you’re using Linux AND you’re not using this software you definitely need to take a look.

I’ve built it from source for a while across Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Arch Linux. Recently, I noticed a copr entry for Fedora and gave that a shot. It worked really well, but I still liked having the software locally for when/if I wanted to poke around at it and see how it worked.

ckb-next has upgraded from copr entry to full blown official Fedora repository. Out of the box just dnf install ckb-next and you’re all set.

The installation instructions are simple, once you get the dependencies, but it is really nice not having to mess with it on a new build now if I don’t want to.

Just for comparison, here are the previous instructions for Fedora:

sudo dnf install gcc gcc-c++ make cmake glibc zlib-devel qt5-qtbase-devel quazip-qt5-devel libappindicator-devel systemd-devel pulseaudio-libs-devel

git clone
cd ckb-next

Here are the new instructions:

sudo dnf install ckb-next

Hells yeah.

Here is a screenshot of the setup. You can see the keyboard and mouse are tabbed and they have some default profiles.

You can create a broad range of profiles as well as tweak the start up settings and defaults.


Oh this is great. I saw this project a while ago, good to see it in official repos

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