Cisco Virl PC Build

Need a new PC for Cisco Virl Software for Cisco studying CCNA,CCNP I'm gonna need a pretty beefy system

How is this?

Are you locked into using VIRL? Cause you can do pretty much whatever you like using GNS3 and a few IOS images. Even for the simplier stuff PacketTracer suffices (just know its limitations ~ non-cisco protocols).
You dont need much really - a vanilla i7 + 16gb or so RAM, is heaps to virtualize a dozen or routers and switches.
Once you set the 'idle PC' values on the devices it really cuts down on cpu utilization. For example - 6x 7200 devices + a few switches + vm workstation running 2x vm of XP hosts uses about 2-3gb of RAM (and thats mainly the VM's), and very little CPU grunt. My i5 on my laptop breezes through whatever topology I throw at it, even big dmvpn scenarios.
You could get away with something like a XEON (1231v3) + lots of RAM + fast storage + budget GPU or swap the xeon for a vanilla I7 so you just use the iGPU.

Not all the way but in gns3 doesn't allow me to do everything messing around with the switching in there can be a pain at times i always just end up hooking up live gear to it, PT can be a little ify doesnt want to work how it would on live gear. I'lL probably just get a nice i5 and call it a day.