Cisco POE switch questions [SOLVED]

Hello everyone. Sorry if some of these are stupid questions, but I have zero experience dealing with POE switches, or Cisco.

I am looking to upgrade my home network. My current setup consists of Modem->DD-WRT firmware router->8 port dumb switch. The switch is currently full (8 cables connected) and some devices are running into the router ports. Ideally, I would like to have one switch serve all of my devices. I will use my existing router(s) for wireless.

What I need:

  • POE. I am installing an IP camera system that has a planned maximum of 8 cameras. The cameras I have are running 802.3af. The capability to provide POE+ would be nice for future proofing, but is not required. Cameras need 100Mb/s.
  • 24 ports. More is always better, but I think this will get me by. I can’t see adding too many more devices in the future.
  • Gigabit. For devices that aren’t IP cameras.
  • VLANs. I don’t want my IP cams to have access to other systems on my network.
  • Rack mounting is not an issue. I plan on installing a wall mounted network rack to house this switch and a patch panel.

This is what I am looking at:

Now for the questions!

  1. Will this switch provide the needed POE for the planned camera system? It supports 802.3af. Is there a maximum POE power the switch can provide across all ports?
  2. Can I run my POE devices and my Gigabit devices off of this switch at the same time?
  3. Can I apply VLANS to POE devices?

Again, sorry if some of these are dumb questions, I have not dealt with this sort of thing before. Also, this is the reason I would like to go Cisco, it is something new to learn.

Let me know what you all think. Is there anything else I should be concerned with?


Cisco PoE enabled switches, unless specified, are PoE over every port. There’s typically some sort of color coding or indication of PoE availability on the port that’s easily identifiable. PoE is ‘sensed’ meaning that if a device is needing to pull power, it’ll pull it, if not, it wont. You can apply VLANs to PoE ports just fine.

That switch you linked are all 10/100/1000 so you’re fine with that. VLANs are natively supported on every modern cisco switch.

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Thanks so much for the reply. Much appreciated.

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Remember that Cisco devices take some setup to get working though. Hollar at me if you need any help. I’m CCNA for whatever that’s worth.

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I expected quite a bit of work with the config. I really appreciate the offer!

That should be a valuable tool for you. I’m CCNA for the purposes of administrating ASA firewalls mostly, I don’t deal with routing and switching on a daily basis (just to assist troubleshooting) so I still reference this from time to time to remember some things.

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