Cisco ASA 5506-X Can't connect to internet


I checked on my computers the other night and found that someone had gotten passed my ASUS router and was using remote desktop to read through my emails, so I pulled the internet connection, did a fresh install on Windows 10, reset all my passwords and tried to install a Cisco ASA 5506-X.

The problem I am having now is that I can not get internet access through the ASA device. I followed several tutorials on YouTube and the one I am running off now is this one.

I have ordered the book off Amazon but I was hopping someone here could explain to me why my computer says there is no internet connection wile connected through the ASA and how I can fix this issue wile I am waiting for and reading the book.


why not just improve your routers security?

do you have a config that you need to save?

if not, and you have console access you can do

conf t
config factory-default
stuff happens…
reload save-config noconfirm

gives DHCP on the outside interface and ip’s to your clients on your internal network, outside is int 1, inside is int 2