Chromecast and wifi pw special characters

during black friday i picked up a chromecast for the hell of it, and finally got around to playing with it....but i've ran into a weird issue

my current password using special characters and the device will spit out a wrong password message incorrectly

the initial setup was a breeze, but that error is making me scratch my head

after googling a solution i ended up changing the 2.4 band from auto to mixed b/g @ 20mhz width

hoping that was the solution i rebooted my router and chromecast only to see the same problem.....out of frustration the password was changed to a simple characters

after that change things worked out fine.......although i'm still looking for a decent way to stream content from my tablet.......would be great if it could do youtube without the ads but it'll default to the damn official app ;(

i'm thinking about exchanging the stick for another one......then again if its a hardware bug there isn't much i can do about it....hopefully its just a lazy software glitch

anyone else ever run into this issue?


Glad you got it figured out put as far as blocking youtube ads, google's been making it increasingly difficult. Currently in my setup, I've got my own dns server on my network which is spoofing all of the YouTube ad servers which works 99% of the time. As far as I know, it's the only way to do it without modifying the device directly.

The Google chromecast is an amazing device.  As for bypassing adds on YouTube I'm afraid your s.o.l. while using a tablet.  You could use a desktop or laptop using the chrome browser with adblock on and cast that tab to the chromecast.  You could poke around on xda for something of the sort also.  I usually suck it up for 15 seconds though.  A cool app you can use on your tablet to cast a video is gallery cast.  Their are other apps that do the same thing for nothing.  I love my chromecast for the simple fact that I can stream 1080p videos from my tablet.  Screen sharing is wonderful for presentations and showing old people maps with directions on them.  I'll have to do a review of sorts someday for the little thing!