Chrome, Youtube and HTML5

Chrome keeps playing most (not all) videos with an html5 player, which I find extremely buggy and stupid. I know about and it says I am currently not in the html5 trial, so that's not it...

Is there a way to force Youtube to play videos in flash player in Chrome?

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You're having the same issues?  I thought I was the only one after my friend saying he isn't having this problem.  Both sad and glad to know I'm not alone with this suffering.  Other than my input, I've no tips or anything that could help.  However, my post'll bump this up to today's Feed, so maybe someone will be able to answer for you.

Good luck!

I've read about a plugin for Firefox that disables HTML5 capability completely, but even if such plugin exists for Chrome, that's not really a proper fix. I find this issue a bit frustrating, because I use Chrome mainly for youtube and Opera for everything else, but the html5 player is too buggy for me. Main issue with it is that it always re-buffers and often buffers indefinitely when rewinding(? not sure of the proper term) a video.