Chrome Shelled Regios

So I remembered watching this anime a few years ago and enjoying it, but I watched a lot of anime that year and couldn't even remember the name of this anime, and I have been going back and re watching anime from that time when I was binge watching. It took me a while to find this anime again since it is pretty small. Who else has seen this anime and what do you guys think about it? Should I even bother re watching it or was it bad and I just never noticed or don't remember?

I thought it was half decent until the last episode or so. The ending was rushed and a half and left some gaping plot holes.

Decent overall though.

I will have to rewatch it then after I finish Accel world. I do remember the ending being weak, but I think they left it open for a second season that never happened.

I though it was pretty good but rush at the end like wiemerimer said.. you may also like Seiken no Katanakaji..

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