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Chrome Browser performance with tons of tabs, cpu or memory bound?

Chrome or any chromium based browser I’ve tried eventually bogs down no matter how much memory you give it. After upgraded to 32GB of ram it didn’t make a difference. Even with aggressive idle/suspend tabs this happens, cpu load is kept quite low on an i7. So what’s the bottleneck or is it just by design that not all processes are as separate between tabs as imagined?

Using Vivaldi as we speek. Uses okay amounts of RAM because it only loads the tabs from last session you click on. Currently eats VRAM for some reason though.

Have you looked at your disk io?

In my experience chromium based browsers are rather heavy on disk io given enough cpu and ram.

I have rainmeter iowrites meter, chrome does write pretty often, but its in the low single digit range to an ssd.

I have noticed edge uses a lot more ram for the same amount of tabs, but yes chrome seems to suppress memory use by slamming the drive.

What addons?

mine is super responsive even after days being open and tons of ram being used.

not all enabled, but i keep a list to make it easier when trying out other chromium browsers Button

Audio Only Youtube

Full Page Screen Capture


Image Downloader

Improve YouTube! (Open-Source for YouTube)

Open Multiple URLs

Merge Windows

Quick Tab

Session Buddy

The Great Suspender

Twitter View Original Images

uBlock Origin

Youtube Playback Speed Control

Force Background Tab

PhishProtect Beta


TinEye Reverse Image Search

Vanilla Cookie Manager


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that aint helping


LOL dude run incognito for a little while and see if its still slow.

thats waaaay too much to blame the browser on.

I honestly am getting sick of Chrome too. When I did add 8 more GBs of ram to my son’s pc it fixed things for him and he was happy to have so many more tabs open. How many tabs are you opening up and what is in them? Just curious @Xanax.

Its tough to say because most of them are suspended by tab suspender, but hundreds. I’ve gone over a thousand at times because of how infrequently i close tabs or reboot.

Brave browser is about the same as far as I’ve tried.

after 15 - 20 tabs most browsers start shitting the bed with or with out adblocking. the fact that you have hundreds is just asking for problems.

I normally live in between 50-150 chrome tabs when on a chromebook, quick tabs is nice as it helps to not spiral out and reuse things instead, and I have a counter enabled so I usually start to get rid of stuff when it gets to about 200. This works fine for me on a quad core / 16G.

Some of the sites are memory hogs, if you need them, nothing you can do there.

Just what are you doing that you would have so many tabs open?

You can’t be using that many at one time.

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Only have many tabs open when its time to hit that meat and it seems to be working fine with both chrome and firefox

There is something I’m missing like specific way you use the browser, for example reading picture books lags a bit, or something like that

I tried once to exploit some Twitch rewards and having that zillion streams running low totally crapped whole browser, but thats really extreme, like trying to play while blender is rendering

2 things:

  • just how many tabs are you lot keeping open?
  • have you heard of bookmarks/history?

I find keeping massive numbers of tabs open is… pointless. Why have a whole heap of stuff sitting open you aren’t even using? Browser history exists…

lol. hundreds of tabs. this isn’t a browser problem, its a user problem :smiley:

I’m really curious to know what your use case is.

I don’t want to be an asshole, but you really better have a good reason for so many tabs. :man_shrugging:

Do you really close anything on your phone?

Think about that level of usability.

Yes actually I do.

If I’m not “using” it, it’s closed.


Right now it is being charged. And I have nothing open.

Why would I? I’m not using it.

They actually added a ‘home button’ to androids chrome now. So you dont always click new tab quite as automatically on phones. Yeah sure enough being able to open and use a few tabs on mobile is nice too, but get around the 10-20 tabs mark and Id already say Im not using 80% of them by then. Scrolling around tabs is dumb on phones. Dont need that many tabs. Just still hapens every now and then, because you hit the + button every time you google something…

Or at least I think that button is new, because I did not notice it until about a week ago.

Obviously I meant a priority on ui responsiveness Georgezilla.

oh how the problem’s only grown:sweat_smile: