Christopher Tolkien passed away

A sad day.

Hopefully this does not mean Hollywood gets free reign with their work.


amazon owns everything currently not made into a film so far

there is a Aragorn show in the works but im not sure how amazon will take it

Wasn’t there recent news that the never-ending copyrights will come to an end?

The slant was on Disney, who’s first Micky Mouse film is due to enter public domain. I imagine LOTR wouldn’t be far behind?

As far as I remember J.R.R. Tolkien always insisted on a literal translation for the LotR as a prerequisite for film rights (which is also why it took so long before anything was done with the rights, afaict), and given the “freedoms” taken with the Hobbit it should be rather obvious why he put that requirement in.

All bets are off when they’re starting to make spin-offs though, think I’ll just pass. Some things are just better left alone.

Last time copyrights on Disney stuff were about to expire they got the laws changed to extend it. Just goes to show how much influence Dinesy-amounts of money buys, I guess.

Wouldn’t put it past them to pull one of those again.

Also not sure in how far that would apply to the figure of Mickey Mouse itself, for example (which is what Disney mostly cares about, I’d imagine)

This is the article I was thinking of


Thanks, that does make sense. Doesn’t feel like it’s already been that long though, darn. I do remember it was fought, but cyberspace (sorry, I just had to) was much smaller then.

It’s also to the benefit of larger corporations, just imagine Harry Potter falling out of copyright and “big media” getting their hands on it, without having to respect the author’s vision. The thought must be giving some authors nightmares, I’m sure.

bezos is a HUGE LOTR nerd and knows more about the Silmarillion then me and will destroy me in middle earth jeopardy he also hated the hobbit movies
honestly with all my hate of lex luthor bezos hes pretty good with lotr and directly involved with the aragorn show
its supposedly about the fall of numenor and aragorn

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Starwars, but with Hobbits…

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Please god no…

Sad day though, the guy was such a great Steward of his dad’s work. RIP Christopher Tolkien


I think its time for his other adventure :sob: