🎅 🎶 Christmas Pudding - Pt 1 - Your 2020 Favourite Songs

Hi all, it’s Christmas and the and of the year, let’s share

What’s your 2020 top songs? Favourites, most listened to or just enjoyed?

Here’s a couple of mine


This year I’ve been very basic

A lot of leaning back on older stuff

Also been finding myself listening to 2808 by Nero a lot when I’m trying to concentrate


Tiny indoor fireworks intrigued me :+1:
Reminds me of high school :smile:

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Some kpop and weeb songs from the same series :grin:


As far as 2020 music goes…

I really didn’t find much in 2020 that I truly enjoyed, Music included. I mostly just listened to old metal, punk and hardcore shit from the early to mid 00s.

Old shit





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My “If can only keep 3” list right now would be Gerry Rafferty - On The Way, Yosi Horikawa - Letter and this Techno Jam by Spuckfunkel

10 most listened to songs:

MusicBee only counts “listened” when you listen to the whole thing. Skipping the last few seconds makes it a “skipped”. Also no clue over what time period I raked up the count.

Artist Title Count Note
5haus Shapeshifting 66 Artist Soundcloud
USAO BigDaddy 56 Crappy YouTube Rip :neutral_face:
LaRoux In for the Kill (DeCaf remix) 49 Crappy YouTube Rip No2
Ogre & Dallas Campbell Beginnings Of Decay 47 Get the FLAC version!, the MP3 sucks.
Crysis Break Down Low 45
Elysiums Song of the Sun 42 Mike Oldfield Tribute Link
Deadmau5 Aural Psynapse 34
Infected Mushroom Guitarmass 34 YT Link
Julian Winding The Demon Dance 32 Getting this as FLAC was… fun…
Unleash the Archers Northwest Passage 31
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There’s been some great releases this year. Hard to narrow it down.

Some microtonal polyrythms to melt your brain.

Some progressive metal.

Some existential dread chill rock.

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