Christian Slater is promoting Endpoint Security Now?

I think the video itself is very nicely produced, I like the “garh, another virtual happy hour” reference.

It’s a strange idea there that sofisticated “bad guys that are working from home too”, would chain a bunch of zero days to crash machines. That’s mostly dumb worm-like crypto malware that usually ends up holding companies for ransom.

Sofisticated folks with deep budgets would go for juicer targets, something that would allow them to either blackmail rich individuals, or follow rich individuals behaviors, or some target that would allow them to escalate their abilities further (e.g. various software companies are great targets if you can infiltrate and keep up with their backups and find bugs in their code that affect their products or find a way to reach their customers).

They could spend a year or two working on a string of hacks without a big pay day – last thing you want is to burn your access by crashing machines, wtf.

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I thought the “crashing” was a reboot into crypto-locker/wall ransomware. Chained zero-day exploits would certainly be a stretch for ransomware criminals, but I thought the implication was that the overworked IT department was a bit behind on patching, and these were potentially older vulnerabilities that had not been patched, or in the case of the home printer, never would be.

It could have been much more ridiculous and fanciful than it was.

I should also note, that often exploits are resold, as are victims, so the exploit+privilege escalation chain could easily be numerous “hackers” each using tools they have built or bought, then selling what they have access to thus far off to the next in line, until the ransomware is in place, its controller has decided on a price from the intel collected thus far, and said controller sends the command to lock and reboot the machines under his/her control.

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