Christian Slater is promoting Endpoint Security Now?

Yep, you read that right.

I saw the sponsor spot for HP Wolf Security on one of LTT’s latest videos and since we are looking for a replacement for our current system, I figured I’d gander at the website. Load up the page and I’m greeted with Christian Slater in a commercial about hackers and cyber-crime increasing 400% since the pandemic began.

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Allsafe Cybersecurity didn’t do so well IIRC, interesting they’d use him in an Ad.

I really like the show btw.

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Which show would that be?

Mr Robot.


Can we ever really take any talking head celebrity seriously? I do wonder if his exposure to security issues while making Mr. Robot may have convinced him to do this… but in my heart I know its whatever ad agency was hired by HP that cooked this one up.

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Never watched it

Yeah it is definitely a reference to his role in Mr. Robot. Supposed to make some Corpos nervous. But remember, Anti-Virus is snake oil ( and anything AI as well)!


Its worth a watch :wink:

Actually a TVshow were the hacking is not completely hollywood style


I saw the title and i was like “THAT Christian Slater?”

endpoint security is what a company buys when the IT team is lazy.
Just throw a firewall at the problem and they say “you can’t get me, neener neener neener!”

But it doesn’t solve the human problem.

Proper security training is the best prevention.


Windows Defender has actually gotten really good. Used to be a laughingstock in the past for being dogshit. But it has gotten really good, without using up resources.

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I just read the news every other week how some random company got their whole system encrypted by malware and then I see it was a combination of Windows, Active Directory and Outlook again. If you have an insecure software stack and no security practices no anti virus in the world will safe you. Like little Russel, from the ad, installing untrusted software on Mom’s work computer.

I would actually like to get us onto the Windows Endpoint Defender services, but knowing the way M$ likes to license their products, it’s gonna be prohibitively expensive right now, especially considering we are lobbying for 2 new physical servers right now that we NEED to be able to do proper system upgrades to remove security issues we can’t overcome without upgrading the hardware.

From my experience, if you have to beg uppers to approve spending that is NEEDED, then I’d start looking for a new position that values the IT department. If you can’t do your job then when shit goes south surely they’ll blame you.It’s like a loose/loose.

IDK your situation, but that’s my $0.02

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That’s why you don’t give users admin privs. and always have backups. and TEST backups. Having backups that won’t work are useless.

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Yeah, the first season or two are great, it kinda jumps the shark around season 3. (IMO)

Ah, I stopped watching around mid season 2. Felt like it was trying to be more artsy than techy and life and stuff.

That a lot of looking, those companies that value IT enough to spend the needed money, especially on security of all things, are diamonds in rocking horse shit.

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I didn’t intend to give off that we were begging for new hardware. Just saying that as with all departments, we all have budgets, and the business itself has a budget, etc. It is a NEEDED upgrade, so it will be approved because we deal with Federal regulatory garbage. It’s just that those 2 servers are gonna hit us for around $30k, not chump change.

Then the vcio comes in with a half baked vendor plan and it goes through with no question…

Yeah, the whole thing was artsy from the beginning.

Its got a very specific art style that I don’t like. Can’t quite put my finger on it tho.