Chosing a monitor

So hi guys could you please suggest me a monitor for around 200euro

how big and what resolution do you want it

Whatever's 1080p+IPS?

Unless 1440p IPS panels are under your budget.

Or you could always check your local listings for 1600x1200 CRTs.

1080p 27 inches currently looking into these :
Samsung S27D390HS
BenQ GW2760HS
BenQ EW2740L

If you're going 27 inch, I'd recommend looking at 1440p monitors. The dpi for a 27 inch 1080p display is horrendous.

what can you say about this one

What are you're computer specs? What are you doing on you machine for the most part? How close to your monitor are you?
Anyways I strongly agree with Zavarrr. 1080p on 27'' is generally not that nice to look at and i would recommend looking for a 1440p monitor in your price range. If that is impossible go for an IPS panel like the LG you've been looking at.

Before you buy anything look for reviews and forum post about the panel.

what manufacturer would you suggest am personaly looking into lg and asus

so i still havent bought the monitor have looked into it again and found this Asus VX279H
what you think