Choosing the right motherboard

Hi I'm a first time builder and looking for a suitable motherboard for the intel i5 4670K. I would like to overclock, but nothing crazy and it needs to be ATX. I'm currently looking at a MSI Z87-GD65. Is it any good and are there better motherboards for around £125 or $185. Prices from amazon. This is at the top of my budget so I can't spend any more on a motherboard.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing any answers

Predicted system specs-

I5 4670K-Processor

G.Skill ripjaws 8gb-RAM

MSI Z87-GD65-Mobo


WD 1TB-Hard drive

Corsair builder series 600W-Power suply

Fractal design define R4-Case 



You can hardly overclock Haswell, spending extra on an "overclocking" board is just not worth it. Just take the best deal on any H- or B-chipset mobo you can get from any of the major brands.

Too bad you have a K-version CPU, which means the arguably most important feature, VT-d, is locked.

IF you have a budget try to fit a cpu cooler as stock cooler won't offer much overclock.

This is of you have a budget of £750

This is the AMD equivalent of the £750 With a FX8350 and a R9 280X which is a better gpu


+1 with what Zoltan said. You'll get more performance per dollar by going with an i5-4570 (nearly as fast as 4670K at stock clocks) and a decent H87 orB85 motherboard and spending the money you save by not needing an aftermarket cooler, Z87 board and $30+ premium on the over-rated K CPU and buying a much stronger GPU.

However, if you are still sold on overclocking, AMD is the way to go. The FX-83XX overclocks much better than Haswell and as shadre pointed out, you can build a better performing gaming system for the same cost.