Choosing between two diff Mb?


I have been looking at two different MB for my next build both of them are adequate for my need's what i am looking to try and find out is which one has the least amount of issue's. I have read reviews but i figure most people only write a review if they have a issue or if they are just really surprised by what they got. I am looking at the Asus Maximus vi Formula or the msi Mpower Max   honestly my first choice is the asus any opinions would be greatly appreciated 

Honestly, Both are very good Mobo's. The chances of you having issues with ether of them are relatively low. Though I would have to say both asus and MSI have poor customer service so if you do have issues then good luck. Took asus over a month to repair my mobo DOA. You may find the asus mobo better quality but the MSI has some features that the Asus mobo dosent have. Go for what you prefer. 

hey thanks for your opinion i ended up ordering the asus board today