Choosing between AKG and ATH

I am currently in the market for a new pair of headphones, i mainly use them for listening to music and a little bit of gaming. i am looking between these 2 at the moment.

 I am looking for something that is good overall and not good in just one area (like good lows or good highs) or at least i think that's what i am looking for. Also would like some input on a decent DAC.


I would go with the audio technicas based on personal experience with them and other reviews on them I don't know much about AKG though.

I used to hang out on the headphone forums and the ATH-M50's were always highly recommended over there. I don't know anything about the AKG's so I can't recommend or tell you not to get them. Check out the forums and search for the two headphones. There will probably be a bunch of reviews of both that usually give good qualitative data about the sound of each.